7 Foods To Avoid For Preventing Hair Loss

Though embarrassment is one of its outcomes, but you need not lose the confidence you have in yourself. Be proud of what you are. However, it is important to keep trying and finding out ways to prevent further hair loss.

Pollution, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances, no workouts, etc are some of the important reasons that can cause hair fall. One of the main causes for continual hair loss is food. If you are following a food pattern that is unhealthy or are taking more of something that actually triggers hair fall, then you need a strict amendment in your diet. Enlisted here are 7 foods to avoid for preventing hair loss that can guide you in making suitable changes in your eating pattern while you must also start exercising, sleeping adequately and taking good care of your hair by using natural products:


Foods Made From Refined Flour

Foods made from refined flour such as cakes, biscuits, bread, etc must be mostly avoided as they contain nothing but more of carbohydrates. Though carbohydrates are considered as fuel to the body but such food items are high in fats and calories while being devoid of nutritional value. They cause a sharp rise in the blood sugar levels that can cause stress and even diabetes in the long run. This adversely impacts your hair health.

Foods Containing Artificial Sweeteners

Our increasing dependence on artificial sweeteners in the form of zero sugar products is an important reason for pre-mature hair loss. Even chocolates, ice-creams, candies, fruit juices, soft drinks and other sweets contain more of artificial sweeteners to cut the cost of production. But these sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin, etc are chemical substances that causes thinning of hair and even hair loss. Stay away from anything that is artificial.

Eating Food Available On Streets

You can hardly resist your temptations as soon as you smell of those yummy pav bhajis, vada pavs, aloo tikkis, pani puris, etc. But have you ever thought how unhygienically they prepare those stuffs and from where they source those ingredients? Moreover, the water they use is certainly not drinkable. You are exposing yourself to highly hazardous bacteria and other food and water borne diseases. These diseases surely causes your hair health to deteriorate.

Caffeine in form of coffee is yet another reason for continual hair loss. People working in offices are specifically addicted to coffee. But when you have so much coffee to give you the right kick to work without getting stressed, you may eventually feel less sleepy during night. You won’t be able to enjoy quality sleep. Lack of adequate sleep can cause loss of hair. Start finding substitutes to replace your beloved cup of coffee!

Packaged Foods

While people are modernising, they have become busier than ever. Also, there has been a steep rise in the purchase of packaged foods worldwide. There also have been cases where many packaged and ready to eat products have been withdrawn from the global markets due to possible health hazards. Packaged foods comprise of artificial colours, flavours and comprises of chemical preservatives to increase their shelf life. These unwanted ingredients rob off the nutritional content of food and renders you nothing but harmful calories from fat that causes hair loss.

Fried Foods

The main reason why you must avoid fried foods is that they cause changes in your hormones. Owing to this you may face common problems such as weight gain, acne, acidity and even hair fall along with severe problems such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, high cholesterol, etc that too has adverse effects on our hair. This is because they contain saturated fats and trans fats that provide no benefit to the body. Having fried foods occasionally won’t harm much.

Excessive Vitamin A

Though vitamin A is great for your eye health and provides several other benefits, but anything in excess is bad for health. As per medical experts, daily recommended allowance for vitamin A is 5000 International Units and anything above it will trigger hair loss. However, you hair starts growing again once the excess vitamin A is flushed out from your body. So have a good look at your diet and see if you are not having excess of vitamin A foods or even supplements.

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