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6 Surprising Factors That Can Accelerate the Aging of Your Skin

new41461934947Believe it or not, your skin won't necessarily show signs of aging in a linear fashion, as you progress from one birthday to the next. How fast your skin ages depends on intrinsic factors, which include genetic influences and your overall health, and extrinsic factors, such as getting excess sun exposure, smoking and even sipping through a straw frequently.

Nivea Singapore launches innovative video

The Singapore arm of the Beiersdorf-owned Nivea brand has launched an innovative campaign to promote its Micellar Water products, with the Nivea Micellar Art adverts using the make-up remover to create artistic designs on the skin.

Why you should be using a Face Serum

4efc1c8eb6e8c8be32eea8d660ddca35Just as you started to get to grips with the monotonous routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin every day the beauty world introduces a new, must-have, miracle step – serum.

Athleisure Beauty Goes From Trend to Revolution

Gigi-Hadid-AthleisureThe latest trend in beauty today is all about athleisure. However, this is not just a trend, it is now becoming a revolution. Athleisure beauty is all about working with the skin while working out or going to the gym. This is in connection with the known fact that wearing makeup during a workout could damage the skin.

Spring lip products you need to try

bareMinerals-GEN-NUDE-Radiant-LipstickIt might not be time to fully embrace the new season fashion trends just get as the weather isn’t exactly permitting it, but we can definitely embrace the new spring lip products.

Here’s our pick of the must-have new launches from some of our favourite brands.

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