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5 ways to naturally flawless skin

ComplexionIt’s the question that keeps dermatologists and skincare professionals awake at night: what’s the secret to truly natural, flawless skin? Despite what many people in the skincare industry would like to believe, there isn’t just one way to achieve immaculate skin.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Nail Trends

fall winter 2016 2017 nail artWhen it comes to the nails, we are always looking for something, new, something different and something trendy. We do not normally consider the nails to be majorly affected by trends, but lately that has been changing drastically. Much like the rest of a beauty look, from the clothing to the shoes, the accessories and the makeup or hair, the nails are an essential part to completing a general outfit, jazzing it up or toning it down.

Body Balm Ingredients – Guide to Natural Beautiful Skin

Body Balm Ingredients Why do you really look at labels on skin products? Are you interested in the ingredients used or the effects they will ahem on your body? Allow me to give you a list of the most indulging natural ingredients used in body balm, that will not only make your skin look beautiful but will replenish.

Facts About Organic Skin Care

organic-skin-care-and-beauty-in-numbersWhen it comes to skin care, there’s no question that natural products are a must. We’re constantly exposed to pollution, chemicals, and different types of pesticides from our environment that are absorbed by our skin. Being mindful to avoid additional toxins can do wonders for your health, especially when you start to consider products directly applied to your skin and face.

New Natural Skin Rejuvenation Ingredient by Naturex

croton lechleriFrench plant-based natural ingredients company, Naturex, has launched its new skin rejuvenation active from Dragon’s blood (Croton lechleri). The ingredient is sourced from trees in the Amazon rainforest where locals use it for topical skin care.

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