7 Skin Care Tips During PMS Week

7 Skin Care Tips To Keep In Mind During PMS Week PMS week, well, that is the week right before you get your period, which can be a really tough one because of a host of reasons. There is, of course, the fact that your hormones wreak havoc on your moods and skin, making you emotional at the drop of a hat. But with these skin care tips, we are going to try to make the PMS week feel slightly easier for you.

All the hormonal changes can make your skin behave in an erratic manner as well. Sometimes, the skin gets excessively oily and for some people, it can even get very dry. No matter what the concern, we have a solution for you.7 Skin Care Tips To Keep In Mind During PMS Week

During this week, it is important for you to ensure you drink enough water, avoid spicy and oily foods and eat more of fresh fruits and veggies. Because believe it or not, what you ingest, definitely impacts your external appearance a lot.

So, don't stress out, and try these amazing ways to heal your skin during that dreaded PMS week. These are all easy tips that would make your skin feel happier and healthier over all.


Make sure you keep your skin clean before you go to bed. Ensure that all the makeup and grime is removed. Skin tends to heal itself at night, so give the skin space to breathe by removing makeup that could be clogging up the pores.


Toning is extremely important and an often skipped step. It is easy to ignore the importance of toning. But toning makes sure your pores get closed after you wash your face. Always use a toner after washing your face.


Moisturising when your skin is secreting extra oil seems like the worst thing to do, but it isn't! Sometimes, all you need to balance out the oil is some extra hydration. This is the most important skin care rule to follow when on the PMS week.

Avoid Touching:

A lot of people don't realise that touching your face too much can actually cause a lot more breakouts to appear on the skin. But, this is one of the worst things to do. So, keep your hands off your face.

Avoid Popping Pimples:

The most tempting thing to do when pimples do show up is to pop them. But, did you know that this can hamper the natural healing process of the pimples and actually lead to scarring?


Sunscreen is an absolute must on most days, but by all means do not skip out on sunscreen during this week. Sunscreen is the most important part of your skin care ritual to avoid breakouts and even to prevent ageing.

Eye Cream:

We all tend to look excessively tired during this week, and in order to make your eyes look well rested, you must use an eye cream. This is the best skin care tip to follow when on a PMS week, as skin needs the most care during this time.

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