Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Nail Trends

fall winter 2016 2017 nail artWhen it comes to the nails, we are always looking for something, new, something different and something trendy. We do not normally consider the nails to be majorly affected by trends, but lately that has been changing drastically. Much like the rest of a beauty look, from the clothing to the shoes, the accessories and the makeup or hair, the nails are an essential part to completing a general outfit, jazzing it up or toning it down.

Those little digits can really change the atmosphere you are trying to portray. For example, the same suit takes on a sexier, more come-hither tone when the fall winter 2016 2017 nail art polish trends dark manicure2nails are a bright red, while the clear polish presents a woman set on work only. Glitter adds some spice to date night, while a fun design shows off some personality. Which of these fall/ winter 2016-2017 nail art and nail polish trends are most to your liking?

Before anything, we should mention the nail shapes that are most commonly seen on the runways. For the spring, it was a combination of rounded and squoval, adding length while keeping things less angular than many would prefer. On the contrary, oval and almond were the main shapes. For the fall/winter it appears we are not really seeing much of a change there. Short, rounded nails are actually more in line with the designer trends. So once again, the top shapes for the nails are:

  • Rounded
  • Oval
  • Squoval or Squared Oval
  • Long Almond

Darkest of Dark Polishes

Just like the beauty trends veering towards some really dark hues for the lips, the nails are also seeing a gothic overhaul, giving the manicure a more sinister effect. We are seeing black polish and darkest of greys, some really dark purples and others that hint at black.

Finally, the dark nails often have a certain gradient effect to them as well, with Tanya Taylor showing off brown to black creations with aplomb. And then, the addition of crystals and pearls on the nails with a matte black background are what make the Lulu Frost nails so very covetable for the fall and winter seasons of this year.

Slivers of Silver

It was huge for spring and it certainly makes one of the best fall/ winter 2016-2017 nail trends. The silver additions throughout the collections are seen as an ode to the future, where apparently everything is expected to be gleaming metallic. Opening Ceremony played up the silver and the futuristic with icicle dripping nails, really giving it the winter do over.

Swarovski & Rhinestone Embellishments

Bright and shiny is nice and cool but it is the Swarovski crystals that add wealth and luxury to the nails. Area brings in simple manicures with gorgeous crystal additions, the designs not as important as the existence of those crystals itself. Libertine brings out the shine with the crystals embellishing some extremely funky looking nails, with eyes staring back at you. This is certainly a trend to try out and to show off, sprucing up even the drabbest of attire with ease.

Glitter Manicure is Your Best Friend

fall winter 2016 2017 nail art polish trends rhinestone swarovski embellished nailsThe glitter is everywhere! For all of 2016, shimmers and glitter are all over the place, from the shoes to the handbags, the clothing and the fall 2016 nails. In spring it was a top trend and now it has become major for the fall as well. We can enjoy the loveliest of glittering nails for fall 2016 in not so French style French manicures such as the golden tips seen at Carmen Marc Valvo, the teenager-friendly long starry negative space talons with the hot pink glitter polish, and the extremely long claws that appear in dark glitter and a silver base at 5:31 Jerome’s fall 2016 show.

Add the ‘90s Graphics to the Nails

Remember the funky styles for the nails from the ‘90s? It was all about the crazy combinations of designs, with colors, drawings, cartoons, flags, and all kinds of interesting trends throughout. The ‘90s were truly fun in the nail department, something that a few designers are trying to bring back with gusto. It was pretty cool how some were more minimalistic in the ‘90s trends and some really took it all with ease.

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